What is the Lawn?

The Lawn is a free outdoor community concert series that features contemporary Christian music in a relaxed atmosphere.  

No matter where you’re at in your spiritual journey, or whether you even consider yourself a Christian you are welcome here! 

The Lawn isn’t just where you are. It's also who you’re with. Neighbor next to neighbor, being filled and uplifted by a message of Hope.  

It's a place where you can bring your family and friends and share life. It's a place where you can come as you are, bringing your cares, fears, 

and troubles and leave them at the feet of Jesus. A place where we can support each other on our journeys from brokenness to wholeness in Christ.

Why is the Lawn?

Division. Disconnectedness. Loneliness. Burnout.  

These have all been around well before COVID, but when the pandemic hit it amplified these feelings and took a toll on us all physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  

First Baptist Church of Reading established the Lawn as a way to reconnect with each other and refocus ourselves on loving God and our neighbors.  The Lawn is an opportunity to invest in our community and relationships.  

Because we believe we are stronger when we are together and we believe Jesus can mend what is broken.

Fun Fact: Our logo is not, in fact, a picture of New Hampshire. It was designed to look like FBC's side lawn, paths and all!